Job Description

Head - Security - Plants - Ex Defence

Req. Experience

Rel. Experience



Job Function


Job Type

Key Skill

18.0 to 22.0 Yrs

0.0 to 0.0 Yrs

100000-200000 Rs.

Rajasthan, MP


Machinery / Equipment Manufacturing / Industrial Products


EX Defence person - 48 yrs age limit

Job Descripion

Job Locations : 2 positions : Rajasthan /MP

- Keeping abreast of emerging threats/risks and align the security procedures in consultation with management, to pre-empt / counter these threats effectively.

- Bringing to the attention of the management, any aspect(s) affecting the security and safety of the location under his scope.

- Coordinating effective functioning of security agency and processes at the assigned location.

- Escalating excessive risks to the management for their review.

- Liaise and maintain good working relations with local safety, security and law enforcement authorities to provide for prompt reaction in case of any incident / emergency.

- Conducting a rolling programme of physical security inspections by day and night to ensure compliance to procedures.

- Management of physical access to locations and internal areas, including:

- Defining guard force levels, duties and training requirements.

- Creation of procedures covering the initial approval, production, use and recovery of location access passes for staff.

- Creation of procedures for the processing of visitors

- Creation of procedures covering specific requirements for access to sensitive areas

- Carrying out weekly audits of records related to access card issue, visitor management procedure, vehicle management, material movement, security and safety equipment check for gaps in implementation and / or unusual trends.

- Conducting Risk Assessments of critical physical assets to determine the most appropriate level of security required to protect such assets.

- Providing guidance to the location staff on the implementation of secure workplace principles and conducting no-notice checks to ensure compliance.

- Ensuring that physical security equipment (e.g. CCTV, walkie-talkies, alarms etc) is inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is working correctly and is being properly utilised.

- Ensuring that relevant statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements are documented for the use of security equipments / devices (e.g. use of CCTV, walkie-talkies, intruder detection systems etc) and ensuring compliance.

- Raising location specific points in the quarterly security review meeting and submit - Action Taken Report- on points of previous meeting(s).

- Facilitating internal / external physical security audits.

- Using the incident management framework to manage physical security incidents / events that may cause disruption to normal business processes.

- Escalating incidents that could be life threatening or have financial or reputational impact on to the Apex Management without delay.

- Conducting investigations into physical security related incidents and providing the report / recommendation(s)

- Conducting awareness / refresher programme on security awareness on security related matters.This “hands-on” position requires solid technical skills, as well as excellent interpersonal and communication skills.