Job Description

Structured Finance - Analyst

Req. Experience

Rel. Experience



Job Function


Job Type

Key Skill

2.0 to 8.0 Yrs

0.0 to 0.0 Yrs

100000-200000 Rs.





Experience in structured finance analysis..Evaluation of client opportunities.Risk highlight and mitigation protocols.

Job Descripion

1. Scrutiny of proposals brought in by the RM. Analyst would be working on multiple proposals at the same time, brought in by one or multiple RMs.
2. Putting together an objective assessment, basis the audited financials, market intelligence, research reports and regularoty frameworks
3. Need to be able to work on projections and business models
4. Should be able to highlight appropriate risks, along with likely mitigants if any
5. Custodian for internal approval note for proposals
6. Should be able to examine and question the details presented by the RM and the client teams